Shocking! Pit bull kills owner in Virginia, US. See details below

A lady was  bitten to death by her own pit bulls, who at that point stood monitor over her bloodied body.

Bethany Lynn Stephens was taking her canines out for a stroll in Goochland, in the US territory of Virginia, when they assaulted her. Police said the 22-year-old endured horrendous head and throat injuries.Bethany's father called the crisis administrations at 8pm on Thursday after she hadn't come back from strolling the mutts.

He went checking out the zone where she regularly strolled the mutts, and found the aggravating scene. Nearby news station WTVR announced that he discovered her puppies in the forested areas, having all the earmarks of being 'guarding' Bethany's body.

Sheriff's appointees arrived and spent around a hour to a hour and a half attempting to get the pit bulls, before Bethany's body was taken to the Medical Examiner's Office.

An underlying report from the MEO showed that the canines were behind the murdering.

'It showed up the assault was a savage assault started by the casualties' canines while the casualty was out for a stroll with the mutts,' Sheriff Agnew said.

'The casualty had guarded injuries staring her in the face and arms endeavoring to keep the puppies far from her, which would be reliable with being assaulted while she was as yet alive.'

Agnew included that he didn't know the mutts' history, however that they were 'huge, solid, effective puppies' that 'you would speculate were reared for battling, just in taking a gander at them'.

He has precluded kill at this stage.

The canines are presently being held by Goochland Animal Control, and the sheriff's office will now arrange them to be put down. 'In my 40 years of law requirement I've never observed anything like it,' Agnew said.

'I trust I never observe anything like it again.'

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