Sad News: Nigerian Lady returns from church, had lunch, went to sleep but never woke up.

Joy Chinonye Nnokam from Rivers State kicked the bucket in her rest, on tenth of December 2017..

As indicated by reports from her companions, Joy came back from Church on that decisive day, ate with her family, and went to bed to rest. in any case, she never woke up.

She was planning for her wedding booked for at some point one year from now. The following is a tribute by one of her companions, Pretty King.

We saw  last Friday,we did video call and I even told u that I was missing u, we arranged seeing one year from now however u never held up. Having u around me was all I at any point needed. She can apologize for each and every offense,whether right or wrong, she scarcely scowls, persevering, committed deeply.

Nonye we were making arrangements for u wedding come next year,what happens to our plans. U went to chapel yesterday like each other admirer, u moved and sang religious tunes in chapel, little did u know it was ur last,u went home had ur last lunch and talked with ur family before ur demise,u needed to have simply rest yet obscure to u that ur will take a long adventure to the world past.

"I even chatted with u online couple of mins to ur takeoff. Nonye I wish isn't true,I wish its only talk, I wouldn't fret if ur foes encircled the story, Death wat on earth is ur issue, my companion turned sister lying powerless in the morgue God show kindness. Please God comfort every one of us since this news is excessively excruciating. Farewell my companion. Goodbye dark excellence, Adieu my boo, RIP." _ her fried cried

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